Clan Nevermore

Clan Nevermore's Log
Follow our adventures...

Below are notes taken from the journal of Silence the Phoenix upon their arrival of their first mission together.

...Crimson sent me on a mission with two members I have not met. I do not care to learn their names.

Our objective is simple: Infiltrate the Brudhash Clan Compound

First I must find the leaders named Ankh and Malakai. However, the sun is coming up and I would like to take a bath, perhaps get some wine.

Left the two men, the one known as Zar has taken the liberty to scouting out the Warehouse district.

On my way to the Golden Hound, I came across 20 patrolling guards, 50 stationary around an armory ...barracks are still in an unknown location.

Met a man at the Golden Hound:
  • Wears a pendant with ‘M’ on it
  • One eye, crimson scars on his mouth
  • Has a regal manner
  • Goes by the name of ‘Ra’....I have a feeling that isn’t his real name…

Was annoyingly sought out by Zar, we will never infiltrate the clan quietly if he continues to make a scene wherever he goes…

Learned of the Brudhash Clan’s ranks and cloak colors:
  • Leader – Blood red
  • Generals – Black
  • Lieutenants – Purple
  • Squad Leader – Blue
  • 1st Class Squad Leader – Green
  • Peon – Green
  • Ankh – Clan Leader
  • Malakai – Ankh’s Brother
  • 1st General – uses sword fighting…special is Flame Dance
  • 2nd General – Mage…special is Burst of Stars
  • 3rd General – uses kunai/shuriken…special is Dance of Blades * Side note: Keep him alive to learn that skill
  • 4th General – Ranged Attack…special is Volley of Arrows
  • 5th General – uses a whip…special is Tempest Scourage
  • 6th General – uses a strange weapon (pistol)...special is Silver Sight
  • 7th General – uses Illusion…
    Learned that ‘Ra’ is actually Ankh; he approached us at the warehouse. Zar’s reaction was priceless.

I agreed to help free Ankh’s brother, Malakai, from a prison. Received full schematics on the building.

...The other two don’t trust me…

We were attacked by nearly the whole clan. Received 35 patches, 12 necklaces, 23 gold coins.

Attacked by three Generals right away. The others were guarding the holding cells; however, the 3rd General was nowhere in sight.

Rescued Malakai, Brudhash clan yielded to us. Mission Accomplished.

Returned to the Kindred of Malkav, was arrested on sight and brought to Crimson. The three of us made short work of her. We made our own clan, making this our new headquarters.

This marks the birth of Clan Nevermore.

The other two returned to the other city ahead of me, no loss…I prefer traveling alone.

...They are keeping secrets from me, but I have learned we are allied with a half dragon named Cross.

...Perhaps I should find the 3rd General…

Located the General. Successful tricked him into teaching me his skill, then terminated him.

Found Zar in a local tavern, not sure what happened next ...I blacked out…

Learned that I slaughter the patrons in the tavern. Now to reclaim our allies…

...visited the Farmers and sent troops to protect them from bandits. Wandered the city and became a follower of Elona…and happened upon a strange book…

Bought Zar some rare wines to regain what little relationship there was. Also bought a strange black kitten with glowing emerald eyes…its name is Valdayne…

...still sure that my presence is unwanted…

Went to a local store and another book that I’m mentioned in…

Stormed into Ankh’s office and demanded answers, but didn’t receive them.

My father…I…I…

...Adam…you’re alive…

...I’m coming…Adam…


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